MVP Weekly Reward System

by GM Rose on 2018-07-29

Prontera 161, 186


We present to you MVP Reward system. Every week (7 Days), the rank ladder will Reset,

and the winner Top 1 until Top 10 will be given Reward!

Note : Every Weekend, The Ladder will be Reset again!

Top 1 100 MVP Coin
Top 2 80 MVP Coin
Top 3 60 MVP Coin
Top 4 25 MVP Coin
Top 5 25 MVP Coin
Top 6 25 MVP Coin
Top 7 25 MVP Coin
Top 8 25 MVP Coin
Top 9 25 MVP Coin
Top 10 25 MVP Coin

New Headgear Quest!

by GM Rose on 2018-07-29

Donation Headgear Questable

Headgear Effect Item Requirement Price

Solar God Helm[2]



Enable use of Kyrie Eleison Lv7

Golden Anvil x1,

Gold Acidus Card x3,

Yellow Novus Card x3,

Gold x10,

Golden Ornament x50,

Golden Hair x250

1,000,000 Zeny

Flu Mask[1]


Prevent Sickness to others.

Gangster Mask x1,

Assassin Mask x1,

Festival Mask x100,

Dark Mask x100,

White Mask x100,

1,000,000 Zeny


ChangeLogS: 23/7/2018

by GM Rose on 2018-07-23

  1. AddNew Headgear Quest
  2. Level Gap change to 30
  3. Grape juice Price reduce to 650z

1. Add New Headgear Quest

Headgear Effect Item Requirement Price

Satanic Chain [1]

MaxSP +120,

Add chance to Curse yourself when receiving Physical damage

Contract in Shadow x10,

Hair Band x5,

Soft Feather x500,

Black Dyestuffs x5

1,000,000 Zeny

Ship Captain Hat [1]

Increase physical range attack power by 7%,



Antlers x5,

Corsair x3,

Antelope Horn x500,

Scarlet Dyestuffs x5

1,000,000 Zeny


2. Level Gap Change to 30

3. Grape Juice Price change to 650z

1500z = 650z


Server will Launch Soon!

by GM Sky on 2018-07-18

We are going to Launch the server in this Saturday, 21 July 2018, 5PM GMT+8

For those who online in opening day will get Costume Vampire Familiar

Note: Only for Opening Day